Vimeo VS YouTube

Very often we’re asked what the best place is to host a video ad – Vimeo or YouTube? Which one is better for marketing? Which is more professional? While YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, Vimeo is focused on smaller audiences , the creative aspect of video creation and hosting, plus some users prefer their clean design […]

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Your Facebook Advertising Guide

Earlier this year Facebook released a new advanced video content measurement dashboard as well as a new campaign structure. With both of these additions it’s never been easier to run and measure Facebook advertising. So we have put together some quick tips to help you get started. Facebook’s Ad Structure Campaigns With any new advertising approach […]

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Google’s Dynamic Remarketing

  Remarketing: The fine art of positioning your brand in front of a potential lead after the have already interacted with it. We have all experienced remarketing whether we’ve noticed it or not. AdRoll have been market leaders in remarketing for more than 5 years.  Now,  Google are upping their game with ‘Dynamic Remarketing’. What […]

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Pinterest Advertising

    Earlier this year Pinterest announced they would be testing Promoted Pins, now mere months later they are updating their privacy policy to improve their advertising model. 1. We want to help advertisers better understand how their Promoted Pins are doing. For example, an advertiser may want to know how often their ads are showing […]

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Spotify Introduces Video ads

Finally, our two favourite things are merging, music and video ads. Spotify announced an addition to their advertising product this week. Here’s all you need to know: Spotify have a user base of about 40 million active users. 30 million are non-paying users and the remaining 10 million are Spotify  premium users. Currently advertisers can […]

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Video Ad Markets Q1 2014

Videology have just released their video Ad stats for Q1. What all you Advertisers need to know US consumers favor 15 seconds Ads and they like to view them on mobile device. European consumers favor 30 second ads and yes, the also like to view them on a mobile device. It’s a no brainer – create a video […]

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Pinterest introduces Guided Search

Over the last few months the most popular social networks have made some big changes to their platforms. Twitters updated their profile design. In February Facebook launched auto play videos. Recently LinkedIn added ‘Showcase Pages’ and this week Pinterest announced they were adding ‘Guided Search’ to their platform. Twitter’s profile design is aimed at encouraging more media sharing. Facebook’s aim is obviously to […]

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Twitter wants you to use video!

By now most users will have switched over to the new Twitter layout. If not, click here and you’ll be guided to updating your profile layout. Emphasis on video In the past few months Twitter have ramped up their media sharing capabilities firstly allowing tweets with photos/videos to expand when clicked, then allowing users to upload […]

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Where to Place Your Video Ad?

Go where you’re audience is … Following the latest Comscore report, it’s become clear that online video advertising has well and truly arrived. In November 2013 alone: Americans watched 47.1 billion online content videos in November, while the number of video ad views totaled 26.8 billion Let’s compared these figures to November the previous year […]

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Techmanity 2014

  It’s Silicon Valley’s biggest annual gathering, Techmanity and it’s today. Viddyad will be attending, and we can’t wait! From concerts to start up exhibitions it’s going to be a jam packed two days, keep up with us at Techmanity via  @Viddyad. Concerts we’ll be rocking out to Thievery Corporation Young Rising Sons and Dash […]

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