Is Yahoo Putting an End to Email Passwords?

Yahoo is introducing a new email feature that will put an end to forgetting passwords!

Yahoo’s announcement at SXSW of its plans to replace email passwords with an “on demand” login system is what many people have been long awaiting. This new proposed system will forego passwords in favor of a temporary, once-off code that will be sent directly to your phone each individual time you attempt to log in.

The main attraction to Yahoo’s news is of course convenience. With people managing responsibility for an increasing number of digital accounts, this alternative may be a huge relief.

With many people using variables of the same password for multiple accounts, there is an increased chance of their online portals being hacked. Yahoo says that this system may in fact be more secure than the traditional one. It will eliminate the need to remember password variations, pet names and the name of your first teacher.

While concerns are being expressed about what happens to your password security if you were to lose your phone, the device which will receive the time sensitive password, the risk of cyber-criminals guessing simple security questions remains greater.


What to expect from The Apple Watch

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You can unlock your hotel room, monitor your heart rate and even buy your groceries with the latest product from Apple, but will its features be enough to entice customers to pay the asking price and be satisfied with the battery life?

Going on sale April 24th, with presale and preview sessions beginning April 10th, we will have to wait and see what level of popularity the Apple Watch will gain, especially considering its hot competitors.

The watch will be available in three collections: Apple Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Edition. With the cheapest model, Apple Sport, starting at $349 and the most expensive model, Apple Edition, starting at a cool $10,000, consumers may look to other impressive smart watches for their wearable. The Pebble, which has been causing a stir in social media with its record breaking Kickstarter numbers is priced at $199 and the Motorola Moto at $250.

The watch needs to be paired with a compatible device – an iPhone 5 or more recent which must be running the latest version of iOS 8 in order to carry out any web-based functions or calls.

The primary feature which was expected but is still disappointing of the Apple Watch is the battery life, up to 18 hours, which is far less than the competing products.

This battery life is based on the assumption that the watch is paired with an iPhone and accounts for 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a 30 minute workout with playback music via Bluetooth. Will this be enough? Probably not. We won’t know for sure until the Apple Watch hits sales stands and we hear the reviews from customers first hand.


Ad Week Europe !

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It’s kicking off on the 23rd of March. With an entire section of the event dedicated to video and content, we here at Viddyad are eagerly awaiting the event! One of the main discussions at the annual gathering will surround the fact that video experiences by consumers are increasing and evolving at a rapid pace, and the belief that advertisers must match this pace and invest in online videos.

Another hot topic to look forward to at Advertising Week Europe is that of tech and innovation. Our interest in start-ups and exciting new companies will be delighted by the events exploration into some of the more established up-and-coming companies in the spotlight of technology and innovation. We all know the brilliant success stories of Instagram, Snapchat and of course Facebook, and during the event we will get an insight into emerging companies who are offering new unique services to consumers and marketers alike.

Of course these companies and services all have one thing in common when aiming to provide their consumers with their ideal personalized experience: data. During Advertising Week, industry thought leaders will discuss the growing importance of managing consumer data, and the importance it holds in the future of advertising.

This is the third year that the event will be held in Europe, with renowned industry professionals and exciting events for each topic, Advertising Week is an event to be sure to tune in to.

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Instagram Introduces Clickable Ads!


For the first time ever, Instagram is making its ads clickable! This is something that Instagram has always been reluctant to do – to drive traffic away from their own site to those of advertisers.

In October 2013, the company made some changes, allowing ads, and later due to increased demand, video ads were also introduced. Prior to Instagram’s latest change, advertising was used for the purpose of brand recognition and influence. Companies used the quirky photo-sharing app to increase their following and better their reputation.

Apart from using the app to lift their brand, advertisers use of Instagram does not drive consumers to their own site.

Instagram had good reason for its reluctance towards clickable links for advertisers. The purpose of the app is for users to share and browse photos, not to allow brands to direct traffic away from the app towards the web.

Pressure from advertisers has forced Instagram to allow more expansive ways to reach consumers.

Staying true to their photo-sharing nature, in the next few weeks we will see the app’s answer to this issue in the form of “Carousel Ads”. These advertisements will only take up one space on the users feed, but will allow the user to swipe from side to side to see more details of the product or service. While viewing these photos, there will be an option to “Learn More”, which will lead the user to the associated URL.

The initial purpose of these advertisements will focus on brand knowledge, allowing the user to learn more if they wish. Eventually though, brands will be looking for ways to monetize on this and turn the social network into a means for buying and selling.


International Women’s Day

Last weekend Social Media was abuzz with praise for inspiring women! We believe they should inspire and be recognized year round. Here’s a few women and their words that we find inspirational!