Videos are everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & More

Marketers place a very high level of value on social media, 92% of business owners have indicated that social media is important to their business. Content marketing has exploded over the last 12 months, many marketers use a combination of content and advertising to pull their social strategies together. This is where video comes into the mix, most commerce websites will have video somewhere on their website. Now marketers are able to leverage their video resources through social media advertising. 2014 is the year of video ads, now that Twitter has released their ‘Promoted video ad card’ all of our favorite social networks now have video ads as an advertising product.


In the last week, Twitter have announced they are putting their ‘Promote Video Card’ feature into beta testing. Advertisers will only pay when a user starts playing the video. As well as this, Twitter have also expanded testing of their native video ads solution to more content publishers and verified users. Video ad analytics for advertisers will include; percentage and a breakout of organic vs. paid video views.

Twitter ad targeting options include:

  • Users like your followers
  • Tailored audiences
  • Keywords
  • Language
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Device
  • TV

Once your ad is up and running, you can measure its success through the following metrics

  • Follows:
  • Mentions
  • Trend Impressions
  • Tweet-level metrics
  • Tweet Impressions
  • Engagement rate

The next big advertising move for Twitter is said to be the illustrious ‘Buy now’ button which will be rolled over the next few months, this will enable advertisers to give their auidence an immediate buying option right from their Timelines.

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This year has been a massive year for Facebook advertising, not only have they launched ‘Facebook ads on the go’  and more indepth video metrics. They’ve also  announced that Premium video ads and auto-play videos which are now appearing in the Newsfeed. Both features have in depth analytics available for advertisers. Targeting video ads on Facebook as with all of their product options is highly advanced, targeting options include:

  • Language
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Device
  • Age

New video metrics give the following insights:

  • Video views
  • Unique video views
  • The average duration of the video view and audience retention


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Back in 2012, LinkedIn was first on the video ad bandwagon. LinkedIn allows you to to connect to the worlds largest professional network, through the following targeting options.

  • Industry and company size
  • Job title and function
  • Seniority
  • Location

Although there is precision targeting available with video ads, only impressions and clicks metrics available. In order for LinkedIn to be on par with Facebook and Twitter, video metrics such as view duration and unique views need to be added.

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What network will launch video ads next?

Snapchat is the most recent network to announce it will dip it’s toe in the advertising pond. News and ads both image and video will be permitted over the coming weeks. Many brands use the app for promotion already, but advertising options may give these vanishing updates a reach boost.

Flipboard, the popular reading app will be introducing video ads later this year, Chanel will be the first brand to advertise. Advertising tools will be rolled out to a wider audience, but not till later on in the year.

Instagram are similar to Snapchat in that many brands are using their app for promotions already but not paying for advertising. Over the next months, Instagram marketing tools for advertisers will be available for those lucky brands who are already advertising with them. Back in April, video ads were being tested on the app so we could see them rolled out soon. Brands still need to go through a rigorous selection process, so with the new marketing tools, maybe more brands will be permitted into the Instagram advertising family?.


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