Coca-Cola: “Grandpa” Video Ad

Coca-Cola are set to roll out their latest TV ad campaign, titled ‘Grandpa’. In this latest campaign we see how the soft drink giants are attempting to promote healthier lifestyles – battling universal health issues such as obesity and stress. Using a split-screen comparing the lifestyles of two young men, the ad suggests that the […]

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Bridezilla Personified – The Most Ridiculous Viral Trend You Will See All Week

Have you become so overwhelmed by your wedding plans that you are tearing up at the drop of a hat? If so, you may be struggling with a serious case of “Bridezilla”.


Women have suffered with temporary insanity during wedding plans, demanding control, efficiency and perfection. When you think of wedding plans, what tops your list of priorities? The guests, the venue, or possibly flower arrangements? Although they can be considered vital components to any wedding, it is in fact the dress that a large majority of women will obsess over. The finest details: sequence patterns, shades of white and texture can result in many sleepless nights for the bride to be. Fair enough, the dress needs to be perfect considering all eyes will be on you!

However, the clip you are about to watch, will shock you beyond belief. Every sleepless night, ‘essential’ alteration and countless argument are about to go up in smoke! It is safe to say that this is without a doubt, the most ridiculous viral trend I am yet to come across.

‘We’re the platform, you’re the producer’ 


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