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Creating a Video for Your Website

Whether it’s a company overview or a short 15 second product ad, having video content on your website should be a priority. Here’s some top tips for the different types of video you can use to improve your site.

General explainer video

Bear in mind that attention spans are not as long as they once were, so create the video in a way that’s as engaging as possible. If you’re selling a product or a people-orientated service, it’s best to have the face of your company in the video so users are drawn to them. They should be between 30-60 seconds long and contain some sort of a product demo, whether through static images or a video of the product working (remember you can upload your own video clips to our editor).

Your video should:

  • Introduce the problem that your product solves
  • Answer the problem with your company’s solution
  • Include a quick overview of your product/service
  • Have a clear call to action

Product video

If you have more than one product or line of products, keep the videos short and to the point. Try out these tips for your product ad:

  • 15 seconds
  • 2-3 points on product benefits
  • Clear call to action

Case studies and testimonials

Get some quotes from your favourite customers and stick them in a neat video presentation to boost your reputation.

Piles of stones increasing in size

Testimonials can be very useful to new business who want to establish trust:

  • Ask your customers for quotes – most businesses will happily give referrals as it also works as a promotion for them
  • Use company logos and/or photos (with permission!) in the video so it looks professional
  • Include facts – “sales increased by XX%”

Video background

One of the emerging trends in web design is the video background. This usually involves a simple repeating video loop in the background on the landing page of a website. A slick video can bring your site to life and catch the user’s attention

To get the most out of a video background, consider using the following guidelines:

  • Keep the content simple – too much action might distract from the focus of your webpage
  • Use soft colors and contrast these with the action buttons on your page
  • Make it fast – Consider using a CDN for delivery and make sure mobile users aren’t left hanging

Tutorials and guides

Want to keep your customer’s attention while explaining a feature of your product or website? Try using a video:

  • Use screenshots or video of your product or website
  • Keep the steps simple and give the user time to process instructions
  • Add a friendly voiceover to help guide the user

Event videos

Having a big event?

Dancing or club event

You can announce it in style with a video:

  • Use footage or pictures from previous events
  • Find stock representative of your event
  • Include the location and the date in your call to action at the end

Above all, keep the focus of your videos simple. It’s good to experiment, as every website and product is unique, but make sure you play to your strengths and find the video style that’s right for you.

Need some help getting your ad online? Check out our previous blog post that explains how to put your video ad on your website.

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4 Ways to Customize Your Video Ad

Creating a video ad online is easy – but how can you make your commercial really come to life and stand out from the crowd? Check out four of our top tips below to see the ways you can customize your video and make an impact.

1. Transitions

A transition is the moment when one image or video clip switches to another. Different effects can draw the viewer in and set the tone for your ad. We give you 10 transitions to choose from.


  • If you have a lot of images in your video, use an occasional zoom or slide so they don’t appear too static.
  • If you have a lot of video clips, use fade to give it a professional touch.
  • Hover over each transition to get a quick preview of the effect.

Viddyad transition style choices

2. Text Styles

The text of a video is where you really sell your message to the consumer. With Viddyad, thousands of different text combinations are possible using our styles dashboard.


  • Have consistency on each screen – stick with the same fonts and colors.
  • If you have a colorful or busy image or clip, try adding a background bar to make your text stand out.
  • There are three text fields on each screen – make use of them and avoid crowding text in one text field, spread it out.

Text styles available at

3. Text Animations

So, you’ve found the right font and color, and tweaked your message to perfection. What next? How about picking a great text animation to really grab the viewer’s attention? We give our users a range of choices for text animations. Choose how your text appears and disappears from the screen, as well as what emphasis is placed on it while it’s there.


  • Take the tone of your video into consideration, if it’s a 10 second video highlighting a special offer, try using the zoom and expand animations to highlight this.
  • If your video is being used for a presentation, simpler animations such as fade and soft-edge may be most appropriate.
  • Experiment with different animations – click the “Play Animation” button to get a quick preview of how your text will appear.

Customize your text with different animations

4. Logo Screen Customization

This is the most important part of your video – the final message screen. It’s the last thing the viewer sees, so make sure it stands out.


  • Give a really clear call to action. For example, if it’s a sales video and you have a direct phone number, prompt the viewer to call and use the number instead of your website. This will increase your conversions.
  • You can adjust the size of your logo to make it as big or a small as you wish – just leave room for your CTA (call to action).

Resize your logo to ensure the greatest impact at the end of your video

Above all, remember to experiment! You can change the timings, add filters, reorder content and much more. Your video preview will be ready in just a few seconds, so try out different effects to get the style of video that really suits your business, product or campaign.

Ready to start? Head on over to Viddyad now to get customizing.


Vimeo VS YouTube

Very often we’re asked what the best place is to host a video ad – Vimeo or YouTube? Which one is better for marketing? Which is more professional? While YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, Vimeo is focused on smaller audiences , the creative aspect of video creation and hosting, plus some users prefer their clean design to YouTube.

Below, we’ve done a comparison on each of the most important factors you should consider when uploading your video to both sites.

Users – Winner: YouTube 

With YouTube being the world’s second largest search engine, it has significantly more users than Vimeo and thus, YouTube has more reach. YouTube has 800 million unique visitors while Vimeo has around 70 million. A YouTube video will typically rank above Vimeo because YouTube is owned by Google.

Appearance – Winner: Vimeo

Vimeo allows more customization than YouTube. Some thumbnails from your YouTube video may not reflect the best content on your video, but Vimeo allows you to choose a thumbnail so your video has the best possible appearance before it’s played.

Search – Winner: Vimeo 

Below are the search algorithms for each site. Vimeo wins hands down.

  1. Relevance
  2. Upload date
  3. View count
  4. Rating
  1. Most relevant
  2. Newest
  3. Oldest
  4. Most played
  5. Most commented
  6. Most liked
  7. Alphabetical

Channels/Collections/Playlists  Draw 

Both sites allow users to curate video playlists. On YouTube you can curate playlists, with Vimeo, it’s slightly more advanced. Your collections consist of Channels, Groups and Albums. You can also customize each channel’s appearance on Vimeo – handy!

Advertising – Winner: YouTube

It’s possible to advertise on both sites, but again, YouTube will have to be the winner here as they have more reach with their advertising options.

Quality Draw

Vimeo was the original HD video hosting site. Now that YouTube has enabled HD and offered users a choice (handy for mobile users), it’s pretty much equal to Vimeo in quality.

So while it’s clear that there’s no overall winner here, you may still find that one of them will suit your output, your budget, or your campaigns better than the other based on the facts above. Why not spend some time with both services to see how they fit your needs? Of course, if you need a video, you can head on over to to get creating ;)

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Startup Stock Photos

Techmanity 2014

It’s Silicon Valley’s biggest annual gathering, Techmanity and it’s today. Viddyad will be attending, and we can’t wait!

From concerts to start up exhibitions it’s going to be a jam packed two days, keep up with us at Techmanity via  @Viddyad.

Concerts we’ll be rocking out to

Thievery Corporation

Young Rising Sons and Dash Berlin featuring Kat Lane, if we have the energy.

Companies we can’t wait to network with

Turfly logo– Own your Turf

InChefs logo

inChefs– Find great food by local chefs

Stack logo

Stack– The world’s first responsive lightbulb

EasyNDA logo

Easy NDA- One place to digitally execute, store, find, and track all of your non-disclosure agreements.

Speakers we’ll be tweeting about

Leah Busque, TaskRabbit

Leah Busque Founder and CEO, TaskRabbit

James Freeman, Blue Bottle Coffee

James Freeman Founder and CEO, Blue Bottle Coffee

Chris Wanstrath of GitHub

Chris Wanstrath CEO, Github

About Techmanity

“Techmanity is for industry leaders who see business as a way to change the world for the better — innovators who imagine technology not just for profit but to improve the human condition. Techmanity is about bold new ways of doing business in our connected age.”
–Tom Hayes, Founder, Techmanity

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Flipboard Advertising: Full Page Ads, Frequency Caps and Video Ads

Back in 2011, Fllipboard launched its first advertising program in partnership with Condé Nast. Display ads would be shown alongside content from Wired, The New Yorker and Bon Appétit. Fast forward 3 years and 150m plus users, they have just extended their ad options to independent publishers and launched video ads.

How does Flipboard advertising work?

Flipboard offer advertisers the chance to have a full page ad on a range of devices (iPhone, iPad and Android). Ads appear as a user flips through the content. They function much like print ads in that they are part of the reading experience and not massively intrusive. This type of advertising fits into the Flipboard ethos: Flipboard is a quest to transform how people discover, view and share content. See some examples of full page Flipboard ads and ad specs below:

BBC News Flipboard ad

Breitling Flipboard ad

Guardian Flipboard ad

Flipboard ad dimensions and requirements

Video ads

The new video ads will appear as regular Flipboard ads do: as full page ad slots. Unlike Facebook, they do not auto play. Users will need to click the video in order for it to play. This is a favorable move for advertisers as there will be less wasted impressions and this could lead to a higher conversion rate.

Frequency Cap

All campaigns are given a frequency cap: 3 impressions per creative, per publisher, per device, per user, per day. This ensures all parties (Flipboard, their users and the advertisers) get the most out of campaigns. It also means a unique advertising experience for the user, similar to a print ad in a magazine and it’s very rare that you will see the same ad twice in one magazine.

What’s next?

In the last few weeks, Flipboard have acquired the storytelling app Ultravisual which will make their content curation even more powerful. In terms of advertising, Flipboard are pretty much set for a full scale advertising program. To find out more about Flipboard advertising, click here.


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