Spotify Introduces Video ads

Finally, our two favourite things are merging, music and video ads. Spotify announced an addition to their advertising product this week. Here’s all you need to know:

Spotify have a user base of about 40 million active users. 30 million are non-paying users and the remaining 10 million are Spotify premium users. Currently advertisers can choose from the following ad specs: Audio Ads, Display Ads, Billboard Ads, Homepage Takeovers, Branded Playlists, Lightbox and Advertiser Pages. Users spend an average of 146 minutes listening on Spotify everyday. In the last year, Spotify mobile users have tripled.


Spotify mobile growth

How will Spotify video ads work?

There will be two video ad units available to advertisers.

Sponsored sessions
This feature allows users to watch a video advertisement in exchange for 30 minutes of uninterrupted ‘ad-free’ music.


  • Offer your audience uninterrupted listening in exchange for a video view
  • Currently available on mobile only
  • Users are served an offer for 30 minutes of ad-free listening via a title card
  • User must complete 15 or 30 second video spot to receive reward
  • All video impressions are user-initiated
  • Only completed views are billed
  • Branded end card invites further engagement

Spotify mobile ads example

Video takeover
This is similar to the current Spotify advertisements in that it will interrupt the listening experience and play the video ad as opposed to the existing audio offering.


  • 15 or 30 second video spot with companion display unit
  • Served during commercial ad breaks between songs in a music session
  • Currently available on desktop only
  • 100% share of voice
  • 100% viewable: video only served if desktop app is in view
  • Only completed views are billed
  • Companion display unit invites further engagement

Who are the advertisers?

Similar to Instagram, Spotify have selected a small number of brands to test the video ads. They include Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonalds, NBC Universal Pictures, Target and Wells Fargo. Most of these brands are already advertising with Spotify.


The new video ads will only be available in the following markets in Q4 on this year: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Sweden. They will be available globally in 2015.


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Mystery lady

3 Quick Tips for Using Video in Your Email Marketing

What’s a better way to communicate with your customers than video?  Pair your video with a great email campaign and you’re on to a winner. Here we’ll share some quick tips on effectively incorporating video into your email marketing campaign.

1. Segment your list based on email client 

All of your customer will not necessarily have the same email client, segment your customer email list to reflect this.

Embedded Video Support



2. Work around video support on email clients

To overcome the lack of video support on some email clients – do the following:

Put an image into your email that indicates that there is a video included. Have the image linking to your video, so when the image is clicked your video will pop up – see example below:

Online video content








3. Subject line

Including video in the subject line of your email is proven to significantly increase open rates. Also consider putting in your most recent offer, this will inspire further interest. For some tips on subject lines, this post by Hubspot is helpful.

If you don’t have a video ad already, get started with Viddyad now and create your video ad in just a few minutes.

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Get creative

Get the most out of your Viddyad

Video is now one of the most important assets a marketing team have at their disposal. Here are three quick tips to get the most engagement possible from your video ad.

1. Add the video to your website 

This might be the most obvious tip, but it can be the most effective, as videos with websites increase conversion rates and rank higher on search because of Google’s love of rich media.









2. Search engines love videos 

Google thrives on rich media, especially video. If you upload your video commercial to YouTube, it’s listed on the second largest search engine on the planet.

Video Ads, Online video advertising, Create a video ad, Make a video ad, Viddyad, Advertising with video







3. Start a pre-roll ad campaign 

Find how to start a YouTube advertising campaign here.

Viddyad - Create a video ad online in minutes


Case study: Irish political marketing

We are in the midst of the Irish Local and European elections and over the past few days there have been numerous articles written about the use of election posters, ranging from posters on top of mountains, to apparent poster sabotage. This got us thinking. Political campaigns are marketing campaigns and where are modern day marketing campaigns conducted nowadays? Online, that’s where, but why are candidates not utilizing their online audience?

Irish online habits

There are over 2.3 million active users of Facebook in Ireland. The largest age cohort on Facebook in Ireland is 25-34 year olds, a total of 29% of the entire Irish Facebook audience. While on Twitter, Ireland has on average 600,000 daily users, with 46% of these being 24-34 year olds. In other words, it’s not just “the kids” that are using social media, a large proportion of the Irish electorate are interacting, commenting and sharing their thoughts online, right now.

Candidates are always encouraging the younger end of the voting spectrum to give them their vote, but how many are looking up from their phones and taking note of posters? Wouldn’t a campaign fund be better spent on reaching their target voters through mediums they’re more likely respond to?

There is a major discrepancy between the online presence of politicians and the online presence of their electorate. It’s possible that this might be related to cost, so we’ve done a quick comparison.

Take a spend of a conservative €500, instead of investing this in poster printing and transport costs etc, lets see what it could get a candidate if it was invested in online advertising.

What can be done with a budget of €500 using YouTube Trueview

You can make a video ad for as little as $99 and upload it to YouTube to use in your advertising campaign. First of all, YouTube videos can be shared freely on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other networks, and posted to blogs or websites. This might grow organic views to a level where paid ad placement isn’t needed. By harnessing your supporters, and encouraging them to share your video online, you have the ability to reach your electorate directly in their homes and on their mobile devices. So before you even spend a cent on running a campaign, you can get away with spending only $99 dollars and get your message out to every laptop and mobile device in your constituency.

If you were to run an online campaign, a Trueview video ad campaign (for example) with the remainder of your budget, €400, you can guarantee the following reach…

Splitting up a proposed budget of €400 between the 25 days left to election day gives you a daily spend of €16 euro. With a daily spend of €16 candidates can expect to increase their video views by at least 1,000 views a day, not including sharing on social media and views on blogs or websites. That’s an extra 1,000 people seeing what you can do for them, every day.

How many posters will €500 get you?

Based on some numbers given in this article, (€2,000 for 200 posters) not that many, we must also factor in transport cost of putting the posters up around a constituency which will whittle down that budget even further.


While there is no effective way of measuring the ROI of a poster campaign, there is with video – YouTube campaigns can also be tweaked within minutes ensuring you get the most out of the budget. Imagine being able to change where your poster appears at the click of a button, based off real time data of how many people are looking at it where it is now!

While there’s still a place for traditional forms of advertising, we believe video commercials will be more effective in terms of being eco-friendly, cost efficient and in targeting a candidate’s electorate.

Advantages of video ads over poster

  • Video ROI can be measured
  • Video ads can be distributed through specific filters allowing refined audience targeting
  • Social media activity can be boosted with video as posts or updates
  • Video will attract 3 times more inbound links than posts with plain text
  • After watching a video ad, 26% of people look for more information about the subject of the video

Convinced of the power of video yet? Make yours today at Check out the example below for some inspiration.

Political advertising video

Viddyad at SXSW

Check Out What We’ve Been Up To

We’ve been working on some updates over the last few weeks. You can now customize your logo screen, add a voiceover to your video and run your video ad campaign with us.

Customize your logo screen

You can now customize the logo screen of your video ad by adding text animations to your ‘Call to Action’ text and URL. You can also choose the position of each of the following:

1. Logo

2. Call to action text

3. Url

Watch the video below to see how easy it is.


Add a Voiceover

Along with this, you can now add a voiceover to your commercial. After you’ve purchased your video, click the share video button and you can add voiceover from here.

Viddyad campaign and voiceover options




Run your video ad campaign with us

You now have the option to start a Google AdWords for video ad campaign directly from your share page, along with links to various other services. If you click the advertise with us button, you can fill out a form and we’ll help you decide where your commercial will be most effective and run your campaign for you. Get started today at

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