Ad Week Europe !

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It’s kicking off on the 23rd of March. With an entire section of the event dedicated to video and content, we here at Viddyad are eagerly awaiting the event! One of the main discussions at the annual gathering will surround the fact that video experiences by consumers are increasing and evolving at a rapid pace, and the belief that advertisers must match this pace and invest in online videos.

Another hot topic to look forward to at Advertising Week Europe is that of tech and innovation. Our interest in start-ups and exciting new companies will be delighted by the events exploration into some of the more established up-and-coming companies in the spotlight of technology and innovation. We all know the brilliant success stories of Instagram, Snapchat and of course Facebook, and during the event we will get an insight into emerging companies who are offering new unique services to consumers and marketers alike.

Of course these companies and services all have one thing in common when aiming to provide their consumers with their ideal personalized experience: data. During Advertising Week, industry thought leaders will discuss the growing importance of managing consumer data, and the importance it holds in the future of advertising.

This is the third year that the event will be held in Europe, with renowned industry professionals and exciting events for each topic, Advertising Week is an event to be sure to tune in to.

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Video Uploads Arrive on Twitter

After months of speculation, Twitter’s video upload functionality is finally here. How does it work, what can you do and what impact will it have?

Video in 2015

2015 is already being hailed as the year of video advertising. With Facebook making huge strides to take on YouTube and the exponential growth of online video, Twitter needed to upgrade its offerings or fall behind. Although Twitter already has the popular Vine service, the continued growth of Instagram and Snapchat, plus the popularity of longer videos proved the demand for video content of more than just the six second videos Vine offers users.

Twitter video uploading relased - Viddyad Blog

Many industry insiders and publications have speculated for quite a while that Twitter video was on the way, and Tuesday’s announcement confirmed that Twitter is taking its first big steps to grab a share of the online video market.

Mobile First

The Twitter video upload functionality is, for now at least, a mobile-first feature, with uploads of video up to 30 seconds long coming directly from videos taken using the Twitter iPhone and Android apps. Right now, iPhone users can also upload videos directly from their camera roll, with this feature expected shortly for Android devices.

Twitter logo - Viddyad Blog

The mobile emphasis seems aimed at promoting Twitter video as a social feature. For many Twitter is a valuable news source and the ability to add videos straight into tweets could have a huge impact on how developing news stories and current events are reported through the service. Expect to see more clips of sporting events, concerts, political rallies, tech conferences and other popular events that generate big interest online.

Impact on Business

Although this feature seems targeted primarily at social users, an impact on businesses using Twitter is a given. Aside from the obvious impact we’ll see for news services, major brands will undoubtedly start using these videos to promote products and events to their followers in exciting new ways. One of the first video tweets was a clever promotion for the upcoming Oscars ceremony:

Expect much innovation and some clever new video campaigns from different companies in the coming months.

Many other aspects of business will see new challenges and opportunities with video uploads as well. Twitter is a key source of customer support online for a great number of businesses – the ability to share feedback via videos and for brands to respond and interact with them will become important in these relationships.

Anything Else?

Yes – In addition to the big video news, Twitter have also announced an expansion to their DM (direct message) service, allowing for more private communications as users can now direct message up to 20 people. A long overdue update, it’s all aimed at keeping activity within Twitter, so users don’t go and have their private conversations about Twitter content elsewhere.

As big fans of video, we at Viddyad are super excited about these updates and we can’t wait to see how the Twitter experience changes, and how rival networks respond as video content continues to dominate the web.

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Your Facebook Advertising Guide

Earlier this year, Facebook released a new advanced video content measurement dashboard as well as a new campaign structure. With both of these additions, it’s never been easier to run and measure Facebook advertising. And so, we have put together some quick tips to help you get started.

Facebook’s Ad Structure


With any new advertising approach it’s important to have your objectives set out from the start, e.g. driving website traffic, promoting an offer, or increasing brand recognition. Once you have this locked down, the rest is pretty easy. Each of your Facebook campaigns should correspond with an objective.

Ad Sets

The new Facebook campaign structure helps streamline your ad campaigns. Once your campaign objective is locked down, you can start creating your ad sets. Each of your ad sets should be organized by audience segment. This is key, consider who you want to target and why. There are multiple ways to do this, such as by age range, location, devices, or interests. Your ad will perform better if you target interests similar to your business. For example, if you’re an online store that sells jewellery, target ads to users who have interests in the following: Fashion brands, style blogging, Etsy jewellery stores etc. In this section of the dashboard, you are able to see how much you are spending on each ad set and you can optimize the commercial accordingly.


Within each of your ad sets (targeted audience) you can launch a range of ads for each one, so instead of showing the same images and text, you can incorporate video into the ad to give the ad set more variation.

Facebook ad campaign structure

Facebook Video Ads

Firstly, when creating a video ad for Facebook, consider your call to action and have it in line with the overall objective of your Facebook ad set, i.e. use the same segments and targeting. Video uploading comes at the ad point of the campaign structure, you can also add an extra call to action if you wish through Facebook, and a thumbnail image.

Facebook ad text and links call to action

For additional Facebook video ad FAQs click here. Or if you need a video, visit the Viddyad website to see how you can create a video commercial online.

Facebook give advertisers a wealth of tools, so take advantage of them.

Page Insights

With any social media strategy, results need to be measured on a daily basis. Page Insights will give breakdowns of the following:

  • Data on individual posts
  • Overall page engagement
  • Audience data

Facebook Ad Manager

As described above, the ads manager will be your central hub when running Facebook campaigns. Check this on a daily basis to see how your ads are performing.

Audience Network

The Facebook audience network allows app developers to monetize their apps with Facebook. For more info, click here.


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You Can Now Upload Your Own Video Clips to the Viddyad Editor

Our development team have been working on some major updates over the last month and we’re proud to announce that our most requested feature is finally available!

You now have the option to upload your own video clips directly to the Viddyad editor

See how easy it is below:

Uploading your own videos and images and using them in your video ad is free of charge, why not mix them up with some of the millions of stock videos and images available on our site?

File types and sizes

    • Only clips of file type MP4, M4V, MOV, MPG or WMV are accepted.
    • For medium videos, clips with a width of 640 and height of 360 pixels or higher are recommended.
    • For HD videos, clips with a width of 1920 and height of 1080 pixels or higher are recommended.

What kind of videos can I upload and include in my video ad?

The possibilities are endless, we have compiled a list of some of the ways you can include your own videos and images into your commercial. Remember, if you’re going to use your customer’s pictures or other types of content, ask their permission first.

    • Include fan content in your video ad – this could be a positive tweet they’ve tagged you in or an Instagram photo with a customer using your product or service.
    • Testimonial videos are a great sales driver, why not take some shots of customers giving feedback with your smartphone in store and include it in your video ad?
    • Show how your product is made, e.g. if you’re a burger bar, take some quick shots of a burger being cooked and include it in your ad.

Can I edit my uploaded video?

You can put text over your uploaded video and add the below images effects to your video clip.

Clip Options on Viddyad

So what are you waiting for, give it a try!


An Overview of Instagram Ads

Back in June 2013, Instagram launched their 15 second video feature and it immediately took off. Within 24 hours of its launch, 5 million videos were uploaded.

As of July 2014, photos are still the dominant content format on the network:

Currently the average photo receives an average of 37 interactions per 1,000 followers, while videos are behind with an average of 24 interactions per 1,000 followers. – source

How did Instagram advertising start?

Only months after launching the video feature, the advertising rumor mill swirled with “will they/won’t they advertise” articles popping up all over the internet. In November 2013, Instagram published this blog post letting their users know they would be introducing image advertising. Days later, it was followed up with a post on what these ads would look like – below is an example of an Instagram image ad:

Sponsored Instagram ad example

Testing Advertisers

Michael Kors Instagram profile

Michael Kors was the first brand to advertise on Instagram, they chose to launch their campaign with the below picture update. As with every new feature of any social media platform, there was some resistance, but overall, the ad was very successful. Here’s 3 quick stats on the ad, courtesy of TOTEMS:

  • The sponsored ad received 4 times as many likes as a regular update
  • The ad had an estimated global audience reached of 6.15 million
  • It received 218k likes within 18 hours, a 370% increase

Michael Kors instagram ad

Michael Kors was part of a test group of companies that were selected for Instagram advertising. Others were Adidas, Ben & Jerry’s, Burberry, General Electric, Levi’s, Lexus, Macy’s, PayPal and Starwood. A diverse bunch, their sponsored updates reflect their diversity well:


Levi's Instagram ad

 Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry's Instagram ad

In early October 2014 Instagram launched ads in Australia with the brand Vegemite. Canada is next on the list so watch this space.

Vegemite Instagram ad


Instagram advertisers may be varied, but their ads have one thing in common – they are some of the most creative online. This is down to the selection process for Instagram advertisers and the creative collaboration between Instagram and the advertisers, which produced the above ads:

“We work together from the beginning of a campaign—from the concept phase to production to final edit before a campaign goes live,” – Jim Squires, Instagram’s director of marketing.

Video ads

So far, advertisers can only use images in their ads. But video is on the horizon and may well be here in time for Christmas (which is a mere 4 months away). Again, the rumor mill is churning away, but it does look like they are testing video ads with some high fashion brands. The selection process will most likely remain the same.


Cost is a massive factor when advertising on any platform, Instagram are notoriously cagey about prices, but it’s obvious, the ads do not come cheap. Most articles on the cost of ads will put the price at a 6 figure sum.

What about small businesses?

Again, with the selection process and price, it’s not likely that ads will be available to many small businesses. The below quote confirms this:

 “We are focused on that high-end brand side” – Jim Squires, Instagram’s director of marketing.

But the rise of online advertising confirms what we already know – Advertising and video commercials are a key part of the branding strategy of any modern business.

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