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Facebook’s video ads go from strength to strength


When Facebook announced its 2014 end of year results, they showed off a huge increase in revenues, and monthly active users. The annual achievements from Facebook far outshone those of other social media giants, including Twitter.

Following such growth, people are naturally eager to know how Facebook plans to maintain this high level of growth for this year.

The answer is likely to lie in video ads. The long awaited video ads have finally been launched by the company, and are now being shared with the mass of Facebook users. The potential expected from this area is expected to bring Facebook more astonishing results next year.

The video spots, which will be in demand for advertisers, will ensure a lot of revenue for the company. During the video testing phase, facebook was in a position to be very careful in their decisions on which partners would be involved in the testing of the videos. Each of the marketing partners was charged a cool $1 million a day to participate- a price they were all willing to pay due to the proven success of video ads. Their success is further enhanced on Facebook as they have the ability to utilize vast amounts of user data to maximize of their benefits.

It is estimated that Facebook’s revenues will rise by 6% in 2015 largely due to the proportion of the estimated $600 billion spent by marketers to get in on the company’s video ad action. This proportion continues to grow to keep up with the number of users online that continues to grow. Unlike other ad platforms, digital and video ads can be targeted towards particular groups and it is possible to measure the results of these ads.

In a survey conducted earlier this year, 63% of marketers said that they already have or are planning on purchasing video ad space on Facebook in the next 6 months. The percentage that did not will likely have their minds changed with the figures presented on video ads in 2015.


Facebook’s New Video Announcements

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Last month, Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8 took place, and there was a lot of video related talk!

One of the prime topics – the introduction of embedded videos. Facebook is going to introduce a video player that will allow embedding onto other sites.  This is simply a way to put your public posts on Facebook into the content of your web site or web page.

What’s better is just how simple it is. You merely copy and paste the appropriate code and add it to your blog, website, or wherever you might wish to share it.

This is one in a series of video related advancements that Facebook has made recently. Also announced at the F8 conference, was the introduction of spherical videos.

Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the event about virtual reality, and how gaming is often the first thing to come to mind when people think about it. Zuckerberg however, emphasized the continued importance of video, and said that he believes that video is going to be even more engaging when it comes to virtual reality.

Using your computer’s mouse, you can pan around the video, which gets its 3D by being filmed by multiple cameras, allowing the user to feel immersed, as if they are really there. This is a new video experience for the 1.3 billion people that according to Facebook, view over 3 billion videos each day on the social network.

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Videos Drive Brand Lift: Neilson’s Facebook Study

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We know video ad consumption is increasingly popular, we know that past studies show that adding video ads to your campaign will improve its performance, now Neilson investigates how video brings value to brands on its own. Commissioned by the Facebook Marketing Science team, Neilson analyzed data on the effect of video ads on brand metrics.

In order to find these answers, Neilson analyzed data from 173 of Facebook’s BrandEffect studies that featured video ads. The study focused on three categories of success: brand awareness, ad recall, and purchase consideration. The various groups of ‘viewers’ were divided up determined by the length of time they viewed the video ad, starting at zero seconds.

Using a test-and-control design, the study found that even with the people who saw the video on their News Feed, but did not click to view it, there was a lift in ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration. It was also found that the longer people watched the video ad, the more the lift increased.

From this study it is apparent that even the briefest viewing of a video advertisement will bring about positive effects to brand lift.


Making the most of your Video Advertisements with Facebook’s Call-To-Action feature

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Seeing video advertisements on your Facebook news feed has no doubt become a regular occurrence.

The Facebook Call-to-Action button brings added attention to your video or website from your Facebook cover image.

There are seven different CTA buttons: Watch Video, Sign Up, Shop Now, Play Game, Use App, Contact Us, and Book Now.

Brands with a Facebook business page can utilize the CTA feature with viewers watching their uploaded video, which can be a native upload, or hosted from another platform, like Viddyad! The feature allows brands to transport the viewer to their specific landing page.

This landing page can be inside or outside of Facebook, and gives the business the opportunity to convert those viewers into leads.

Setting up a Call-to-Action button for your business’s Facebook page is simple. Once you select ‘Create Call-to-action’, located beside the ‘like’ button, select which one of the seven CTA buttons you would like to apply, and add the corresponding URL. Once your CTA button is set up, you will be able to monitor the corresponding statistics for the selected post for the previous week.

This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your brand through a personalized video advertisement and create leads through Facebook’s Call-to-Action feature.


Ad Week Europe !

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It’s kicking off on the 23rd of March. With an entire section of the event dedicated to video and content, we here at Viddyad are eagerly awaiting the event! One of the main discussions at the annual gathering will surround the fact that video experiences by consumers are increasing and evolving at a rapid pace, and the belief that advertisers must match this pace and invest in online videos.

Another hot topic to look forward to at Advertising Week Europe is that of tech and innovation. Our interest in start-ups and exciting new companies will be delighted by the events exploration into some of the more established up-and-coming companies in the spotlight of technology and innovation. We all know the brilliant success stories of Instagram, Snapchat and of course Facebook, and during the event we will get an insight into emerging companies who are offering new unique services to consumers and marketers alike.

Of course these companies and services all have one thing in common when aiming to provide their consumers with their ideal personalized experience: data. During Advertising Week, industry thought leaders will discuss the growing importance of managing consumer data, and the importance it holds in the future of advertising.

This is the third year that the event will be held in Europe, with renowned industry professionals and exciting events for each topic, Advertising Week is an event to be sure to tune in to.