Get the most out of your Viddyad

Video is now one of the most important assets a marketing team have at their disposal. Here are three quick tips to get the most engagement possible from your video ad. 1. Add the video to your website  This might be the most obvious tip, but it can be the most effective, as videos with websites increase conversion rates […]

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Top Tips for Brand Engagement

Researching your target market is key for your brand engagement, choose relevant channels for your targets. Evoke strong signals from each channel, this is were media planning comes into action. Have plans for each channel, whats going to be posted and when. Respond, respond, respond, this goes without saying. No matter what channel your customers contact you […]

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Recipe for Video Ad Success

We like to think of ourselves as the Julia Child of video ad making:  Since we’ll be doing online video ads, you’ll need: 1 online video maker, oh look we’ve found one for you: Viddyad As much content as you like, we’re not exactly making a soufflé so be creative with your content 1 distribution channel […]

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