Your Facebook Advertising Guide

Earlier this year Facebook released a new advanced video content measurement dashboard as well as a new campaign structure. With both of these additions it’s never been easier to run and measure Facebook advertising. So we have put together some quick tips to help you get started. Facebook’s Ad Structure Campaigns With any new advertising approach […]

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Google’s Dynamic Remarketing

  Remarketing: The fine art of positioning your brand in front of a potential lead after the have already interacted with it. We have all experienced remarketing whether we’ve noticed it or not. AdRoll have been market leaders in remarketing for more than 5 years.  Now,  Google are upping their game with ‘Dynamic Remarketing’. What […]

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Video Ad Markets Q1 2014

Videology have just released their video Ad stats for Q1. What all you Advertisers need to know US consumers favor 15 seconds Ads and they like to view them on mobile device. European consumers favor 30 second ads and yes, the also like to view them on a mobile device. It’s a no brainer – create a video […]

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Google and Facebook quietly arm up for a raid on the video advertising market

Originally posted on PandoDaily:
TV advertising was worth about $74 billion in the US last year. Its biggest competition? Mostly, itself. As the online video advertising market takes shape, large chunks of the current broadcasting advertising marketing represent a big prize in waiting for online advertisers, especially for sites like Facebook and YouTube (and all of Google by proxy)…

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